Where does SurfCo operate?

Currently, we operate out of picturesque Carter Lake, just north of Longmont. We have a slip at the marina, so that’s where we meet up.

How many people can we bring on our booking?

The US Coast Guard limits charters to six paying passengers. The boat is rated to fit 18 so there is plenty of space!

Can we bring our dog?

Sorry, for the sake of wear and tear on the boat, we don’t allow pets.

What should we bring?

Really, you can get by with just showing up in your bathing suit and some sunscreen! But, if you’d like some snacks, beverages, your own music playlists, or towels, go ahead and bring some.

What should we *not* bring?

Please avoid bringing messy foods, pets, and spray sunscreen (gets everywhere).

Can we bring our own music?

Absolutely! Our sick sound system will sync up to your phone via Bluetooth and there are safe places to charge and store your phone. Carter Lake does *not* have great cell phone service, so make sure to download your music to your phone, do not plan on streaming.

Are there places to charge my phone?

Yep, no problem!

How hard is it to learn wakesurfing?

General athleticism, and especially board sport experience like ocean surfing, snow boarding, skate boarding, or wake boarding translate super well. Couple of pulls to get the hang of getting up and you will be progressing fast! Most people can get up consistently by the end of their first day, the fastest learners start throwing in the rope. Our boat, coaching, and equipment are top notch, so if you have some experience, we take it as a matter of personal pride to make sure you greatly improve during your time out on the lake with us- for instance, learning to ride wireless/throw in the rope!

$400/hour seems expensive, why does it cost so much?

Ha, try owning a boat! It depreciates at $100 an engine hour, not to mention slip fees, equipment, gas, insurance, maintenance… Trust us, you could come out with us once a week during the peak summer months and spend less than owning a boat would cost! Coming out with us compares well in price to a day at a ski resort, yet the service and setting are much more similar to heli-skiing.

Do you offer discounts/packages if I want to ride more?

We love your attitude! We definitely enjoy repeat groups, please reach out and we are happy to discuss our packages.

Can I book only one hour?

Sorry, no. But trust us, you’ll want more anyway!

What is your cancellation policy?

We offer full refunds up to 7 days before your booking. After that, we will offer you your choice of a $150 cancellation fee, or a free rescheduling to another time, even another season if need be.